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Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau
GmbH Zwickau
Herschelstraße 4
08060 Zwickau
Postfach 20 09 37
08009 Zwickau
+ 49 (375) 81 43-0
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Products / Tools

Cutting, Drawing, Boring, Pressing, Stamping -   Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau gets metal and plastics in top shape.

We manufacture the following tools for steel, aluminum and higher strength sheet metal:
  • Transfer tools
  • Cutting and boring tools
  • Drawing and pressing tools
  • Tools for GT and transfer pressing machines
  • Cutting tools for shaped blanks
  • Tools for tailored blanks
  • Tools and equipment for forming of pipes and profiles

For plastics and fiber composites:

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic die cutting devices
  • Cutting and boring tools

Aluminium cast parts:

  • Deburring tools

For hydroforming:

  • Tools for internal high pressure forming

We assure you that you receive the relevant measuring records and testing gauges together with all tools.