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Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau
GmbH Zwickau
Herschelstraße 4
08060 Zwickau
Postfach 20 09 37
08009 Zwickau
+ 49 (375) 81 43-0
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Products / Tools

Cutting, Drawing, Boring, Pressing, Stamping -   Siebenwurst Werkzeugbau gets metal and plastics in top shape.

The following video is only available in German language.

We manufacture the following tools for steel, aluminum and higher strength sheet metal:
  • Transfer tools
  • Cutting and boring tools
  • Drawing and pressing tools
  • Tools for GT and transfer pressing machines
  • Cutting tools for shaped blanks
  • Tools for tailored blanks
  • Tools and equipment for forming of pipes and profiles

For plastics and fiber composites:

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic die cutting devices
  • Cutting and boring tools

Aluminium cast parts:

  • Deburring tools

For hydroforming:

  • Tools for internal high pressure forming

We assure you that you receive the relevant measuring records and testing gauges together with all tools.